Our businesses

Since our establishment in 1969, we have worked with every major international airline and Government military on the globe over the last four decades. Based in South East England, our 50,000sqft headquarters serves as our logistical centre for all our projects and operations around the world.

Our companies are all at the front of their respective industries, varying from the aviation spares industry to construction and soft drinks distribution.

Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd

The oldest company in the group, founded in 1969, Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd is a commercial aviation parts stockist and distributor. Supporting many of the world's leading airlines, they maintain a strategic inventory designed to service the engineering requirements of the expanding regional and commercial airline networks.

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Hayward and Green Defence Ltd

Founded in 2002 and brought into the Green Aerospace Group in 2011, Hayward and Green Defence Ltd operates as a virtual air force base. They provide logistics and engineering support to maintain the fleet readiness of allied air forces both at home and abroad.

By acquiring complete aircraft for teardown and inventory packages, Hayward and Green Defence stock in excess of 250,000 lines of material. Coupled with the capability to support certain platforms from nose-to-tail and aligned with our unique MRO programme, Hayward and Green Defence maintains the ability to support many mid-life aerial platforms through to their scheduled out of service date.

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Airpowder Ltd

Airpowder Ltd offer a premium heliski experience to anyone looking for more adrenaline and excitement in their holidays. Operating out of Switzerland, Airpowder Ltd create unforgettable experiences ranging from paraskiing and paragliding to scenic flights, ice climbing and restaurant bookings.

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Red Dragon Dispense Ltd

Red Dragon Dispense has been quenching thirsts since 1967, since its inception as a small manufacturing operation based in Preston. Today the company is the third largest supplier of dispensed soft drinks in the UK.

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